People are talking about Eric Henning ...

Real People, Real Results
Here is a sampling of actual audience comments from Eric's financial seminars:

I feel this is a 'must attend' seminar for everyone."

"I've been to a financial planner before, but I really learned more from you."

"I enjoyed it very much and would like to bring this talk to my church."

"...provided an extensive amount of information needed to become spiritually and intellectually mature in today's business world. The high motivation and vitality . . . added to the excitement . . . Your candor and humor are invigorating."

"I very much appreciate your attitude of 'I don't know it all.'"

"I'm sorry; I can't think of much to improve this! Eric packs a lot of information into a short time. With time for questions . . . I think the course is great. Everyone should take Eric's seminar ASAP."

"A+ - relevant, concise, helpful - thanks!"

"Very edifying. A good basis for one just getting started learning to be a good steward."

" excellent way to 'invest' my time."

And now, a very special letter. . .

"To Potential Beneficiaries of Eric Henning's services:
It is my pleasure to recommend Eric Henning. Eric's personal financial services have already earned him a good reputation - I'm interested in recommending Eric as a public speaker.

I'm the senior pastor of a 500-member church, and I'm careful about whom I share the pulpit with. I care about my people, and I don't want to waste their time! Eric is someone I feel confident about asking to speak to my congregation; I recommend him for four reasons.

First, Eric has something to say, something needed and worthwhile. This, of course, distinguishes him from a good many public speakers! Eric's expertise in financial matters qualifies him to speak on any number of subjects that people really need to hear about. And he not only is interested in communicating useful information, but he wants to positively influence his hearers as well - influence them toward better values, wiser planning, and - can I say it? - better lives.

Second, Eric understands audiences. He is sensitive to the needs, hang-ups, mental roadblocks, and preconceptions of the group he is addressing, and he will customize his message to their needs. He has a weekly call-in radio show that demonstrates his ability to understand people, figure out what they need, and respond practically and sensitively.

Third, Eric is fun to listen to. He's always looking out for a good story to use, an apt metaphor or a memorable illustration, and he can turn a phrase in a memorable way. He's a good writer (he produces a monthly financial newsletter), and like the best writers, his speaking voice saturates his writings . . . and his writing experience enriches his speaking. He's not stuffy, not corny, not artificially hyped up . . . he's pleasantly himself.

Fourth, people tell me that Eric has helped them. They thank me for arranging for him to speak, or lead a class, or whatever. If you work with public speakers in any capacity - church, business, civic group - you know that this kind of unsolicited testimonial counts for a lot. For example, one person told me recently how Eric helped him design a plan that will have him and his family out of debt in so many months, and he felt really proud about the progress he had made. That kind of pride is hard to put on a resume . . . but Eric has the ability to inspire the action that produces it.

Of course, even better than these virtues is Eric's good taste in marrying his wife Betsy. She's a delightful partner in his business, and she's got a way with a crowd, too. Feel free to call me any time if you have additional questions about Eric. I hope a lot of people get to hear him in the years ahead.


Rev. Brian McLaren (Brian's Website)
Brian D. McLaren is an author, speaker, activist, public theologian
and founding Pastor of Cedar Ridge Community Church (CRCC Website) in Spencerville, Maryland.

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