Worry-Free Events

"Mr. Henning was an amazing speaker and magician
for our award night at our National Sales Meeting!
As a group we were very pleased with his performance and motivational speech.
We give him an A++++++. Thank you!"

- Karla Harrison, Tri-Dim Filter Corp.

Expertise + Experience + Excitement = Empowerment!

He's an Expert:

As VP and Director of Cornerstone Asset Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Eric served a select group of clients for more than two decades. His financial career began in 1983 when he automated the practice of a successful stockbroker at a major New York Stock Exchange member firm. Soon, Eric started his own practice, moving to Cornerstone Asset Management, Inc. in 1986. In 1989, he founded and edited The Cornerstone Investment Letter, which ended its successful run in 2002.

He has taught about subjects ranging from personal finance and investing to capital formation and small business development. The US Government has sent him overseas as an Expert Speaker in Finance.

He's Experienced:

Since 1989, Eric's seminars, keynotes, workshops and Q & A sessions have helped students, families, church groups, business executives and government officials. He has spoken for (among many others) the US Government, Pan-American Health Organization and the Inter-American Development Bank (where he taught personal investment skills to international policy economists).

His professional stage training and experience in front of audiences span nearly three decades. "Q & A" is one of Eric's particular strengths. For eight years - more than 400 weekly broadcasts - he hosted a radio talk show on personal finance.

He's Exciting!

Everyone worries about money - your group will be interested right from the start and riveted by the end. Eric's judicious use of magic appropriately emphasizes key points, making abstract concepts concrete, clear and memorable. His high-energy approach entertains while it teaches, using stories and plain English so that audiences not only learn - they remember!

He's Empowering:

From the podium, Eric loves to see the "Aha!"; the "idea light bulb" that turns on when participants truly understand money for the first time - and feel that they can master it, instead of letting financial worries master them.

Eric's programs are designed so that everyone - from novice to expert - will harvest ideas they can use right away to help them improve their life.

He Makes It Easy!

• PROFESSIONAL - On time, ready and thoroughly prepared.
• FLEXIBLE - Sound system dead? Relax. Eric has spoken in gymnasiums, in forests and on the streets of Paris - all without amplification!
• REASONABLE - No "prima donna"; Eric will make YOU look good.
• EFFECTIVE - One of his keynote speeches helped raise $1.5 million!

A WORRY-FREE SPEAKER! Decades of experience mean that YOU benefit from a "polished diamond!"

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