Eric Henning at NACE, photo by Eric StocklinEric Henning at NACE | photo by Eric Stocklin"I was told multiple times last evening and today that the program was entertaining and in some cases the word inspirational was used. I especially liked your tricks. Your program accomplished exactly what I wanted it to do. Thank you." - Maria Horton, CEO, EMESEC

Here are examples of talks that Eric gives regularly. Ask about a custom presentation for your group. Presentations can be primarily content-driven, mostly entertaining, or a combination - you decide.

In each case, Eric goes beyond mere motivation to provide practical tools that anyone can use right away. And read below to learn how you can get a dynamic talk for your business group at no charge!

Team Building

The Power of P.R.I.D.E.
Using true stories from his own life and the nooks and crannies of history, Eric reveals the characteristics of successful teams. Showing how effective teams use Perspective, Respect, Imagination, Dedication and Enthusiasm, Eric helps you understand how to apply the principles of flexible teams. In the longer workshop, Eric helps your group identify specific areas of success and strategies for improvement. Also a great talk for awards banquets and sales meetings.


Dime a Dozen: How to Go from Usual to Unique
The average person thinks that most service providers are interchangeable. This drives down prices and makes it harder to get business. Speaking from his experiences in two highly competitive careers, finance and entertainment, Eric shows you how to attack this problem. Using examples from his own career and great entertainers of the past and present, he shows how (and how NOT) to make your service unique and communicate that fact to your target market. You will leave with ideas and skills you can use right away to improve both your show AND your business.


Cause and Effect Dissociation in Management
Today's challenges require flexibility, resourcefulness and imagination - and sometimes, pure, dumb luck! Using real-life examples, humor - and a little magic - Eric shows how even the best-laid plans can go amazingly wrong - sometimes even in a good way! Learn how to reduce the odds that the Law of Unintended Consequences will make your surprises bad ones. Entertaining and yet full of real content.

This talk is particularly effective as a "stealth" presentation. Introduce Eric as the newest "consultant" or "VP of Quality Control" and watch the nervous glances turn to nods of recognition and then belly laughs!


The Safe Money Seminar
What is a "safe" investment? How can you protect your savings in today's changing world? Using plain English and very few numbers, Eric shows you how to determine your investment profile, how to tell if an investment is right for you, how to build an "all-weather" portfolio and how to ask the right questions when working with an investment professional. This is the seminar that has been acclaimed by novice investors, CPAs and even by international policy economists! The talk that started it all.

The Five 'R's of Rapid Debt Reduction
First designed in the 1980's, this seminar is more timely than ever! Learn how to jump start your financial recovery and get out of debt once and for all. Learn how to pay off (not settle) your credit card debt YEARS earlier than you thought possible. No products to buy, extra fees, or gimmicks - participants often go home and begin reducing debt the same day!

Entertaining & Inspiring Short Talks

Perfect for luncheon meetings, special occasions, family activities in a conference or just to wake up your group!

Legends & Lore of Wall Street
How did one of Wall Street's richest speculators die penniless? How did antisemitism help create the Metropolitan Opera? What is the connection between the Astor family and Captain Kidd? Did J.P. Morgan really write a check to bail out the US government? In this entertaining and informative talk, Eric shares amazing but true stories of Wall Street. Find out about the ORIGINAL Bill Gates and his million-dollar bet!

America's Greatest Magicians
The show that was a hundred years in the making! In this entertaining performance/lecture, Eric brings to life the Golden Age of Magic! Learn why the devil looks like Alexander Hermann; how Harry Kellar became the model for The Wizard of Oz; why Houdini's legacy isn't magic; and how Blackstone Sr.'s greatest trick saved 600 lives! Eric performs some of the favorite pieces of these giants of magic! This is an excellent talk for VIP or top donor events.

What Wesley Practiced and Preached About Money
In his day, John Wesley had perhaps the highest earned income in England, yet he lived simply and showed great generosity. This extraordinary man's example speaks to us today. This talk is not only for church groups, but also for anyone interested in the ethics of money. See past the American consumerist, over-consumptive lifestyle. Stop following the crowd and begin making real financial choices based on your values.


How to Write a Killer Speech in Five Minutes
At the last minute, you're called upon to make a presentation, speak to a group or lead a meeting. It's more than everyone's nightmare - it's the #1 fear in America! Eric draws on his years of experience as an award-winning speaker, radio broadcaster and entertainer to show you how to write an effective talk on a moment's notice! How the "cocktail napkin" talk can make your reputation.

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