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From the questions folks are asking, there are several HOT topics going around. Here are some links to help you (these will be moved over to a new Resources page in a couple of days).

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The IRS Web site - perhaps the most useful government Web site.

WARNING: New IRS Rebate Telephone Scam!

Getting Out of Debt
Debt Proof Living (Mary Hunt) - Bringing Dignity to the Art of Living Within Your Means.

Crown Financial Ministries - Books and other resources to help you get out and stay out of debt.

Building a House
David M. Blanken: The House Doctor - Call David BEFORE you hire your contractor!

The CAMCO Investors Fund - A Christian-run mutual fund with ethical screening.

Life Management
Christian Stewardship Ministries - Are your Time, Your Money and your Life out of control? Life Management classes from CSM could be the answer!