Upcoming TV appearance - March 21

I've been booked to appear on the 9 News Now program on W*USA9 TV in Washington, DC on Friday, March 21. The shows airs live from 9-10 AM, and I'll be on sometime during that hour. Probably a panel discussion or double interview (2 experts, one host).

Had a wonderful visit at the station on Friday and watched the show live in the studio. The set is very relaxed, even with eight (count 'em - EIGHT) financial experts rotating between answering viewer phone calls off the air and being interviewed live on air. Apparently the key to getting re-booked is to bring food for the crew - I wonder if Betsy (my amazing "swiss army wife") can be persuaded to bake some bread? Hmmm....

More details to follow as things coalesce.

By the way, I hope to have an email list joining widget up and running on this site in a few days.