This week, the latest Marvel Studios blockbuster, "The Avengers," opened, breaking box office records all over the world. The quote that Marvel chose to lead with on the movie's Web site is from Nick Fury, (played by Samuel L. Jackson). "There was an idea," Fury says, "to bring together a group of remarkable people to fight the battles we couldn't." Sadly, we have no super heroes to balance the Federal budget or to use their mighty strength to raise the level of debate.

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I'll be appearing in Baltimore next week, speaking at the National Association of Catering Executives Baltimore chapter meeting. We'll be at the M&T Bank Stadium Club Level, and I am very excited to be talking to hospitality and entertainment professionals, most of them small business owners, who have faced some unusual challenges in recent years.

This benediction by the Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowry has to be one of the best speeches/public prayers ever. Possibly better than Pres. Obama's Inaugural Address. This is what happens when the man, the message and the moment come together.

I've gotten word that I'll be appearing on the local CBS affiliate, W*USA TV9, this Friday (Oct. 10) sometime between 9-10 AM EDT. Watch it live if you can!

Last night we had a really loud thunderstorm, with very bright flashes of lightening. Now my son Ian, who is two and a half, had never heard such a storm and it scared him. Betsy & I spent well over an hour calming him down.

Finally, I pulled up the live radar weather map and showed him where we were, and where the storm was. "Soon," I said, "the thunder will be over, and we'll just have rain." Sure enough, in a couple of minutes the thunder and lightening ceased and the storm became a gentle, soothing rain.

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From the questions folks are asking, there are several HOT topics going around. Here are some links to help you (these will be moved over to a new Resources page in a couple of days).

If you would like a speaker for your organization or event, please call me at 800-485-0029!

The IRS Web site - perhaps the most useful government Web site.

Last night, I had the pleasure (as I have for may years) of addressing the graduating college seniors attending the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Spring Conference for the Metro DC & Eastern Maryland area.

To the Seniors:
Thanks for listening to my ramblings last evening! Please remember when handling time and money, there is more than enough of each to do what is needful. No one, not even the One who gave them to us, expects us to do more than we can do Today.

I've been booked to appear on the 9 News Now program on W*USA9 TV in Washington, DC on Friday, March 21. The shows airs live from 9-10 AM, and I'll be on sometime during that hour. Probably a panel discussion or double interview (2 experts, one host).

Well, it's a new year, and I have a new site. Thanks to my sister Charon, who is not only a fine entertainer but also a Web designer, the site is clearer, easier to read and to use. Please let me know what you think and what we can add to make it easier for you.

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