The Entertaining Expert!™

"An exceptional performance.
The combination of message, magic and masterful delivery was the highlight of our meeting.
I commend Mr. Henning for his talent not only as a Magician
but as a highly skilled motivational speaker."

- Helmut H., Northrop Grumman

Eric Henning de-mystifies money and business using humor, true stories - and a little magic!

wiz * ard (wzrd) n.

1. One who practices illusion; a conjuror or magician.
2. A person of amazing skill or accomplishment: a wizard at math.
3. Archaic. A sage.
4. Technical - (new) A program or person who makes a complex task easy for the novice or busy user.

Looking for an expert who's entertaining,
or an inspiring speaker of substance?
Get the best of both worlds with Eric Henning!
As Seen on W*USA TV9 in Washington, DCAs Seen on 9 News Now in Washington, DC

• An award-winning speaker
• An acknowledged expert
• More than 20 years' speaking experience a dash of MAGIC!

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